Stargate GalaxyGate
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Stargate GalaxyGate

GalaxyGate est un jeu en dévelopement \n\r GalaxyGate is a game in developement
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MessageSujet: Introduction   Introduction Icon_minitimeDim 12 Aoû - 19:14

Hello and welcome on the forum of the project GalaxyGate.

Today I want to tell you someting about the project GalaxyGate.

I will start by explaining the basis of the game, the basis can change based on new ideas brought by the fans of StarGate.

-Once you arrive at the website, you must create an account.
Next you choose your race:

You are on Atlantis ...
You will be able to move the city into space as a vessels, but that requires a huge amount of quoted energy. It cannot remain in space, therefore she moves herself from planet to planet.
The "Star gate" is functional for 15 Minutes after the arrival to your destination.
-Stat: Very good defence . Average attack.
-Resource: Harvest on the continent and expressions by the humans.
-Human: The humans are used as manpower.

You are in a hive, you can easily move yourself from one address to another, but every movement returns the "Star Gate" to be unusable during 24 hour .
-Stat: Average Defence. Very good attack.
-Resource: The humans ...
-Human: Food and first Matter for vessel construction


-The game begins and your vessels (Hive Wraith or Atlantis)
is very damaged, you have very little energy ...
You must repair the damaged sections and restore all systems to their proper functioning level.

You will be able to colonize as many planets as you desire.
Every new colony cost more and more dear, while exposing ...

1ERE colony: x
2E colonies: x²
3E colony: x³

Carry a Stargate and iris:
You have a "Star Gate" and iris from the beginning, but must repair the systems to be able to use it.
The shield cannot remain activate for more than 10 hours and you must let them cool for atleast one hour in to keep from damaging it.

Commerce and sale:
There will be several planets that all will be able to sell or buy items safely, except for quest items.
Bidding on objects will also be available (maybe later)

Once the spatial factory is repaired, you will be able to construct your vessels.
You will be able to construct the vessels with the units that you want.
To make the shield more quickly or stronger, etc ...
The units that you install can be improved, they climb in level ranking.

Fighting style is currently being developed

Consequence after the battle:
Units are damaged in comparison with the damage of the vessel or base.
If units are not repaired within twleve hours following the attack, you lose a level of this unit.
The repair cost two times more than when in less dear times.

the galaxy is divided in 36 points
who are divided in 35 points
who are divided in 34 points
Etc ... 7 times
The last coordinated one is his orbit ray in the solar system.
Programming question, I cannot do as in the series, for their thing does not walk; -) ... I explain:

<<Every "Star Gate" has an origin symbol; the last one.
If every "Star Gate" has his own symbol, there would be that 36 possible "Star Gate" address.
If several "Star Gate" have the same symbol of origin, there would be several addresses that they could not compose,
for with a DHD, one cannot have 2 times the same symbol ... >>
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